Are you a Territory voter or candidate running for local government in 2021, committed to strengthening sustainability, social inclusion and civic participation?

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five principles of the pledge

1. Repower our regions with renewable energy

  • Lead the transition to 100% renewable energy on all council buildings and assets by 2030. The clean energy transition will boost local jobs, cut Council costs, and protect our climate.
  • Enhance sustainability measures by implementing circular economies to reduce waste within all local government activities including energy, construction and transport.

2. Protect our PRECIOUS Water RESOURCES

  • Protect town and regional water supplies from inappropriate development, contamination risks and over-extraction.
  • Advocate for an NT Safe Drinking Water Act to secure safe drinking water for all Territorians
  • Back a regional Water Strategy to plan for sustainable use and improved water infrastructure for communities in need.

3. Cool our communities and climate

  • Build cooler, more livable communities with increased investment in green space, shaded streets, more public transport options, and accessible public facilities that stay cool on extremely hot days.
  • Work with local services and the NT Government to urgently address homelessness to protect vulnerable populations from extreme heat and cold.
  • Plan for a changing climate by lobbying the NT Government for regional climate adaptation funding to enable councils to implement locally appropriate solutions.

4. Preserve environment and heritage

Council can lead efforts to build adaptive infrastructure such as improved access to free community spaces, urban planning to ensure more greenspaces and cool spots; and ensuring the local health system and social services are equipped and prepared to act to support vulnerable groups

  • Ensure Indigenous Caring for Country knowledge and practice is embedded in all Council land, water, sea and fire management plans and that cultural heritage is protected from inappropriate development.
  • Create and lobby for more jobs in nature restoration on Council land, empowering local communities to restore nature on Crown and private land, and green space improvement and maintenance.
  • Dedicate more Council resources in the fight against dangerous weeds like Gamba and Buffel Grass.
  • Guarantee public access points for all waterways in local government areas to protect cultural heritage and connection and support our outdoor lifestyle.

5. Create Safe and Welcoming Communities

Councils can play an important role in the creation of safe and welcoming regions, built on care, social inclusion and representation for our diverse local communities. 

  • Improve civic participation and representation within local government, particularly for Aboriginal people, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, people with a disability, women, young people and LGBTIQ+ communities. 
  • Fight for transparency on Council and increased public engagement to determine how our region is run and where council resources are allocated.
  • Be an active local Councillor that listens to the concerns of residents and community groups, and takes up their causes on Council.

How To Sign the Pledge


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